My Classroom

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I love getting seeing other music teacher's classrooms.  It's fun to see how other teachers organize their spaces, what posters they use, what themes are prevalent in their teaching.  In my twenty years of teaching, I have done it all.  Double wide trailer?  Yep!  Cafeteria?  An entire year!  In the grade level teacher's classroom?  Oh yeah!  Cart?  Absolutely!  Maybe the only thing I haven't taught on is a stage.  (Knock on wood!)

My current school has quite a unique music space.  It was built as an addition about 12-15 years ago.  It's got great cabinet space with lots of storage but some funky wall space.  Can you figure out the shape of my music room?

Did you figure it out?  My room is in the shape of a grand piano!  Pretty cool, eh?  What the favorite thing about your music room?  And if you're teaching in a less than ideal space, what is the craziest thing you've had to deal with?  

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